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Instagram APPS

Let’s talk about some apps and tools that you can  use to instantly explode your Instagram overnight   and everybody out there who honestly thinks  that you can actually explode your Instagram,   using just some tools and apps overnight should  just leave right now and never come back.

Neatest to say, though, these apps are actually  pretty helpful and they can help you if use   correctly to you, don’t make this whole thing  a lot rounder to make your growth strategy,   your whole Instagram strategy a lot better.

And  yeah, that make you stand out from the crowd a   little bit easier. Welcome back, by the way.  Welcome back, Dominators! I believe the intro   has already been placed somewhere. My name is  Dominic and before we get into the apps that   I want to talk to you about the first and very  most important thing is be careful who you give   your login details, because I see it so much.

I  got a lot of DMS on Instagram of people saying,   how about this app? You know, can I use this  app that tracks my ghost followers? Can I use   this app that actually tracks my stalkers,  that tracks who unfollows me, that tracks,   who, you know, kind of just the weird  stuff, you know, and the first important   thing actually is for you to know that whenever  you have to log in to some of those apps and,   you, it kind of feels like it’s some  hack that’s not official, just don’t  do it.

Instagram APPS

Why, first of all, because it’s  against Instagram’s terms the service,   you can read that actually, you know, it’s not  like I’m making these things up. It’s actually…. Second of all, by you using those apps, there’s  a slight possibility that Instagram is going to   give a shadow ban.

What people call a shadow ban,  compromise your reach who can have sort of penalty   attached to it that might not be right now might  be even later with some delay might never be,   you know, it always depends on the  app, what exactly they do and how Instagram the spam detection algorithm actually  sayings, whether you’re a spammer or not.

You know, I’v just come from that. Be careful  with that. We’re not going to talk about them. If you log into an app, you know,   just coming from that. Cause I get a  lot of questions from that as well, and Only use apps that are officially endorsed By Instagram, meaning official things where  you can lock in using this Instagram and   Facebook connection thing.

Anyway, so  let’s hop into the first app that I   actually have for you here in actually  is already on your phone, right now. It’s Instagram an analytics feature of Instagram. It’s way better than, than people might think  it is.

It actually has the most important   thing is, you know, just just a quick glance of  the analytics things. First of all, you can see,   I have not been active on Instagram myself  and another thing.

Now I want to give you   on your way right now. If you can see that  I haven’t posted on Instagram in months,   you know why I am preparing a video for you  right now, but basically just see this.

On   Saturday I didn’t do nothing. You know, no  story, nothing. I’ve just reached 42 people,   you know, with, I don’t know, 30  K followers, just so you know,   you know, just coming from that go into your  analytics and check what actually is going on.

We can make a video if you want. That goes a  little bit more in depth about analytics, but the   thing that I wanted to tell you here and the thing  that’s the most important part of your analytics.

If you go to your post right here to whatever  posts, click the view insights button, and there,   you can actually pretty much see everything that  you need. First of all, you can see your reach.

You can see how many people you reach. You can see  your profile visit. You can see for example, here   in the discovery thing, 50% of those 22,000 people  that I reached were actually not following me,   which actually means that I have the potential to  grow.

If this number is pretty low on your site,   you know, you might have to do something  a little bit better, you know, because as   you can see right here Instagram actually tells  you where your reach comes from.

First of all,   you know, in my case being hashtags. And I  always talk about it. And we talk about it   a little bit later here in this video. But as  you can see, about 50% of my whole reach that   I got from this post was from hashtags and from  using hashtags to correct way.

And if you look   at other posts that I did, for example, this  one I guess, I guess, you know, there you go,   nine K reach from hashtags. You know, that  just makes you show that first of all,   hashtags works.

Second of all, you can see  whether the things that you’re doing right now, Now is, is right or not. Also a lot of  people ask me what the other tap means   down there. And basically sometimes it  means it’s not trackable and sometimes   it’s actually needs this from the explore  page or from some sharing.

Instagram APPS For Growth & Content

For example,   if people share your stuff, but yeah,  sometimes you can see explore down there,   but not all the time. Don’t ask me  why. It’s just some weird thing anyway, Learn to analyze your posts, learn to see,  okay.

For example, check out on this post.   I had hashtags, you know, kind of try to figure  out which hashtags that you use on those posts,   where you had a lot of hashtag reach, you know,  which post did you get the most followers from?   Meaning you grow organically using the  Instagram platform and yeah, go from there.

It’s actually undervalued. And I have a  video somewhere down below or somewhere   in my video catalog that talks about how to grow  an Instagram using your analytics. And yeah, it’s   a very important thing, my friends.

The second  app that I have been using for years, you know,   that I recommend all my clients is actually  app called MOSAICO. You know, I think it’s a   pay thing. I think I’m not sure anymore at this  point, because it’s been years since I’ve been,   but basically it’s eight, first of all, a feat  planning app, you know, it’s always kind of good   to kind of, you know, sometimes people give that  way too much thought, but still to kind of have   more or less aight fee that kind of looks plant  or a, and a cohesive, but that’s not about that,   you know, there’s multiple reasons, first of all,  you know, let me just load it up picture in there,   a post in there.

And you know, if you would  have more, you could kind switch that around, But that’s not only it. The interesting thing the  really interesting thing is you can, first of all,   actually plan out your caption with all,  all the things that are there, you know,   basically elementary, let me just write a caption,  whatever, and you know, things just stay that way.

And what’s even more important or more interesting  is it actually tracks your recently used hashtags,   plus you actually make some tags clouds.  I’ve never done that. For example,   car tags that you get off of hashtastic,  for example, you don’t post this in there,   copy paste this in there.

And then you  can kind of say, okay, this is tag cloud And you just copy and paste the hashtags  or right here. These are your recently Used hashtags. Sometimes you could just,  you know, if you just need some inspiration,   you just take ones that you’ve used  before.

Ideally it’s once that, you know,   actually perform well with your posts. And  the great thing is one thing is they actually   calculate how many hashtags you use right now.  Instagram, by the way, recently said that they   recommend three to five hashtags somewhere.

I think “name” said it on his Instagram. I’ve gotten really great results with three  to five hashtags. Sometimes I’ve actually   got for most of the times I’ve gotten  the better results actually not only   with my personal profile, but also with the  client’s profiles with more than that.

So,   apparently there’s more, more  than one way to get to your goal. But anyway, the great thing is you  write this down here and you kind   of have a nice format “for-mat”  here and you just press, okay.

And then you click the post now thing and watch   what happens. Automatically it takes  it to Instagram. You can say, okay,   it’s going to be a feed post. And then  you just paste your caption in there, And it’s already there the way you want it.

I’m not going to hit them button right now.   It’s a very handy app and it saves a lot of  time. And it`s actually, you know, pretty good   for, for, for a lot of functions actually. Now  the next app is actually the app that I really   recommend in terms of hashtags.

There is eight  free light version out there, but I really, if you   have this, box the spear. You know, it’s just a  couple of, I think it starts at 10 bucks a month. It might sound a lot, but if you really want  to use the Instagram thing professionally,   it’s more than worth it, because there’s  a lot of great features that I have.

I   have a video on how to actually use  hashtags at somewhere down below. But first of all, there’s  a new version, apparently, recently out. And here’s the thing  you can not only find new hashtags  and hashtags that are performing and highly  performing.

Instagram APPS For Growth & Content

And this is a new and great feature.   You can actually monitor how well your hashtags  perform on your posts. So you can actually track   and see, okay, whenever I use hashtag cloud,  whatever posts tend to rank a lot higher,   but that’s an only yet you can scan your personal  accounts, your competitor accounts, track their   growth and actually track their hashtags and  see what things are working for them.

And   here’s another thing, because a lot of you guys,  I know that have a repost pages have, you know,   feature accounts, stuff like that. And first of  all, there’s this viral media finder, you know,   basically let’s say you’re in the pet snitch,  you can see right.

These are the viral posts,   the recent viral posts, and that you can, you  know, either download view the caption actually. See… You know, whether they use hashtags or  not in this case. No. And we’re actually,   you can see it’s actually pretty viral if  you ask me but you can also there you go,   you can, also search, for example I give Tesla  in there, because you know, why not? And there,   you can see actually the latest viral posts that  are related to Tesla.

And here’s the thing it’s   not only if you use, it’s not only good for  people that have repost pages and that have   feature pages, but let, just say you’re  an entrepreneur. You just say marketing,   you just put it in marketing right here.

For  example obviously the more specific kinda the   better, it always depends, but, but let just  say 70 tools for Instagram, actually. Nice. I should have sort of read this before, but let’s just say whatever this means, this is  some sort of viral content, and let’s just say,   you see, okay, in the marketing space who know  this infographical content, as you can see here   apparently to here to here, you know, here to  tends to perform a lot better.

So, obviously   you see this is validated data. So you can kind  of kind of take this, obviously don’t copy it, but yeah. Adapt this and create content with this  kind of content form in your mind.

I’ll ping your   chances of actually getting viral with your  stuff. You know, just another, another thing   that you can give by the way like I said, it’s  down below in the description hashtastic.

Some   things are available for free. Some things are  actually, you’re going to have to pay for that,   but it’s actually more than worth it. I wouldn’t  say this actually, if I wouldn’t use this myself.

So, another very, very interesting app that,  especially for, for you guys who are doing,   who might do some promotional video, some  ad videos, maybe you do some stories,   you have some script and it’s kind of  hard to memorize a script.

Believe me,   I know what I’m talking about, or  let’s just say, you’re kind of like me,   especially at the beginning, if the camera  turns on, or if you see a red light, you’re   just shell shocked and you don’t know what to say  anymore.

There is this handy app called BIGVU. And basically it’s a teleprompter  app. And like I said, it’s mostly,   it’s mostly useful for people that do promotion  that boost posts stories actually, or do some   story promotion thing.

And basically you can just  put your script in, as you can see. For example, Hey, my friends, have you ever seen a bug? Whatever, you know, you  saved this whole thing next. So we record multiple takes as well, obviously.

Oh my God, what’s wrong with my camera? Yeah,   camera’s actually not better. But  actually you can see, you know,   the resolution, you can say auto  stop. You can auto lock the exposure, Which I don’t know if that actually works.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t work   actually, as you can see right now, obviously I  have to have the video light right here. You can   kinda, you know, put a bigger, make it bigger,  smaller, you can adjust the speed.

Actually,   you’re going to have to do some  testing and playing around with that. You can even say, you know, hello. And by the way,   there’s my script right  here. You can even, you know, If you film something and you want to, you  have some script that you want to follow,   you can even flip it right  here.

And basically this is, This is what it looks like. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Hey  my friend, have you ever seen a bug jump so high   that you lost it? And you’re wondering whether  that friendship would’ve lasted longer otherwise   then look no further.

And the last app that I  actually have for you is a app called MOJO. And   it has some, a lot of interesting things. And I  have to tell you a little bit about that, because I know a lot of people are actually using things  like that because you know, as it gets here right   here, it’s some templates for stories where you  can kind of make your stories just a little bit   more beautiful and still a little bit more  you know, polished as you can see right here.

But here’s the thing. My friends don’t  always use that. It’s what I see do.   A lot of people actually do wrong. They  just, if they upload stories, they just, I use these super professionally looking things  and you know, all the time.

And here’s the thing   the essence goes missing, If you always use the  super polished, because why stories actually works   so well is because it’s unfiltered. It’s just  like, you know, unfiltered thing.

Instagram APPS For Growth & Content

It’s unpolished. And this is why you probably, most of the times  you want to have your stories still just you,   or just filming something, just be super on the  level and not just not the super professional.

Thanks. However, from time to time,  you want to splice this up because,   you know, as you might know, You want people to watch all of  your stories through you want   people to stay and to interact with your stories.

So, from time to time, it’s actually really good.  If you throw one of these actually in and things   like that, it’s actually pretty great. I really  like it, but there’s even more greater things.

You know, for example, let’s just put some, some  video in there because there’s actually a lot   of nice things. You could do some, some, some  captions or texts stuff, or just some overlays.

You know, just something like this that  you can overlay or swipe up. Just some,   some alternative too, the gifts that you have  within the Instagram app, or like your stuff,   your own username, I’ve just put this here  and it’s kind of nicely animated.

Obviously,   that’s not my username, but just so you know,  it’s actually a pretty great app to  spice of your story stuff. Like I said,   don’t overdo it. Don’t always see these things.  But if you know, from time to time or just,   if you use just the overlays, I strongly recommend  this app.

Yeah, it’s on the app store. Obviously,   there’s no affiliate thing. I’m not  affiliated with them in any way. And that’s basically about it. You don’t need more amps than that. If you ask me the  most important thing is actually, you know,   creating your content and actually coming up  with client that and analyzing your audience   and actually being on the platform  and being active on the platform.

How are you going to do that? Obviously,  by watching a lot of my videos, we’re   going to talk about a lot. We talk actually, we  actually talk a lot about growing on Instagram,   about building your brand, your personal  brand, monetizing this whole thing,   basically the whole package.

And yeah,  that’s about it. My name’s Dominic. I’ll see you in a couple of days. And thanks   actually! Thanks for watching!  Whew. That was a tough one. Bye!

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