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Whats uuuup, my Insta and YouTube Family. How are you doing? My name is Mike and I’m your social media coach. With 6 Years of experience And 5 months ago, I left my Russian Instagram account with 220k followers in order to start from scratch in English.

So I left Moscow and moved to New York And after 5 months, struggling with content, srategy content strategy and so on. I gained over 300k followers, Starting from scratch in less than 5 months And in this video I’d like to share with you how I did it And how you can do the same.

how i get 220K followers-GROWTH HACKS

So Apparently, all tales about Russian hackers are true. Because it seems like I really hacked the system on Instagram. Recently I hit 320k followers And this month Im about to hit 400k. So let me tell you how I did it STEP BY STEP.

I ’d describe my journey like this 1st month. Failure Guess what happened next! Nothing like this …, Almost no views. About 40-70 followers. Second month pretty much the same. It seemed to me. I tried almost everything: .

.. Common Carousels Reels, different content and hashtag strategies, EVERYTHING, But it didn’t work at all… I started thinking, maybe it’s not for me. Maybe I should give up the whole thing, But I didn’t, and I decided that 3d month would be my last month.

THe hashtag strategy- GROWTH HACKS

I better take it seriously. I went to other content creators’ account. I was trying to find what worked And then I completely changed my hashtag strategy And started using call to actions. I came up with new 15 content, ideas.

Uploaded them and guess what happened next, One of my reel for over 100k views. I was in heaven I finally realised what content my audience likes And next month I entirely focused on these content ideas And then I gained over 100k followers in just 1 week.

It was the way it was. That was how I blew up on Instagram. Was it easy? No, Was it fast Yeah quite fast. Can everybody do this? Yes, sure, if I did it in different language from scratch, without any investments, then everybody can do that.

But in order to do this … You need to learn some basic tools and algorithms that I learn for the past months that helped mo to gain so many followers. And now I want to share em with you, My TOP-5 insights, that can help you to gain more followers.


First, I understood the algorithm on Instagram Once you upload your reel. It goes on smb’s FYP, For example, 50 people will see it If that post does well. So people like your content, Then 100 people will see it.

, Then 1000., 10000 etc, And the main 2 things that you grow. This amount of views, The more engagement your video has, the better. These are the figures. My videos had last 2 months, So you can follow them when making your own content.

The reason I grew so fast was because of my 3 reels At that time. It added up to 8 mln views in just couple of weeks. First, 2 months, I tried every type of content Like carousels posts. Igtv, None of them had as big of impact as reels did.

The posting time-GROWTH HACKS

If you want my TOP-15 Reels ideas That helped to get over 16 mln views overall Go to the description. I left there my gift to you. It’S PDF with TOP-15 REELS IDEAS To be hones. The vast of majority of people don’t use them, But since I started using them, I gained much more followers Because people don’t follow you for your good content, But because you ask them to do this, So you need to engage your audience.

You make them communicate with you and follow you. I usually posted in the mornings, But once I analysed my Insights And saw that 10pm is the time when my audience is the most active. I started posting at this hour And I saw an incredible difference in views.

Valuable content

My views increased 30-40 %. On the one hand, it’s important, Especially once you start off. If I didn’t post daily I’d post the same shitty, content for months. Wouldn’t have any increase in views. But, on the other hand, it’s not that important to grow your views, Because even now I post twice per day – And I still have reels with 40k views And with over 9 mln views, you know, what’s the main difference between them VALUE.

If you post shitty content daily, you will never blow up, But if your content has a lot of value, Has a lot of insights. It’S sherable, You can post even every 3-4 days And you will still have a chance to take off on Instagram.

Go ahead. Click this button Subscribe I’ll, see you soon guys Pleasure. It was Insta Coach, Mike

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