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Best WordPress Hosting for Agencies and Developers

Best WordPress Hosting for Agencies and Developers

Your hosting choice directly impacts your success whether you’re an agency working with different clients or a developer trying to handle various projects at a time the right choice of hosting is critical to your success and productivity but how do you choose the right hosting let’s find out together.

Hi I’m Anna, the how-to-girl at 10Web, a managed WordPress hosting platform powered by Google Cloud. In this video we’re going to discuss the 11 important components for choosing the best WordPress web hosting for both agencies and developers and also in this video you will see that you can find all these eleven components in one place at 10Web.

Speed-WordPress Hosting for Agencies

The first and one of the most important components is speed as you know speed is now more crucial than ever for having a healthy website that is user friendly and can rank high on Google so your clients are going to pay a huge attention on the speed of your website but how exactly can you get a high page speed score as you know Google has a tool called PageSpeed Insights which measures your website speed based on the scale from zero to 100 and having a high speed score anything over 95 is very difficult so how can you have a Google PageSpeed score anything over 95 I tell what we help your website get an automatic Google PageSpeed score of 95 plus so whenever you create a new website using our very own builder or migrate your existing website to 10Web you will get a automatic Google PageSpeed score of 95 plus and the exact instructions on how to do that will be available on our website so how do we exactly give you a Google PageSpeed score of 95 plus automatically there are three essential components for doing that and the first one is the use of the very last generation servers of Google Cloud the storage as well as our very own optimizer second we use containerization caching and elastic resource management and third we minified the javascript and CSS files we optimize your images and use lazy load for resources and a lot more you can actually test this magic for yourself to sign up for a 14-day free trial on 10Web and create either a new website or migrate your existing one and you’ll see how your website will get magically a automatic Google PageSpeed score of 95 plus businesses are all about creating trust between yourself and your clients and of course you want your clients to have a very secure website so they can create trust between their clients and themselves and there is no way no better way to create trust between your client or yourself then having a very secure website because obviously you don’t want your clients to have a need to be in any situation and suggest having their websites crashed or be hijacked or stolen or anything else so the best choice that you can make for web hostings is to choose managed WordPress Hostings and I’ll explain why with managed wordpress hosting your website’s data is contained in a isolated container compares to what happens with shared hosting where everything is stored in one big container and whenever something happens to one website it’ll automatically affect your website as well so you this is one of the most important things that will ensure your clients that your their website is going to be secure but this isn’t the main thing you also get a monitoring and the constant security checks which will also ensure your clients that no one will get ahold of their websites data or any sensitive information.

Security-WordPress Hosting for Agencies

Managed WordPress hosting platforms are known to have security as one of their services and 10Web is no exception 10Web security has a built-in login limitation for vulnerability scans for DDoS protection and repairing hacked sites to prevent brute-force attacks 10Web has a limitation on the login attempt and you can configure that yourself and to choose how many times a user can attempt to log in when after how many times do they get blocked and what message they get once they are blocked.

10Web security service allows you to scan your website for any vulnerability issues SQL injections and you can get all those reports from our dashboard in general security is a continuous process so no matter how secure your website is it still has a bit of a chance of it being hacked and once you have several websites hosted at 10Web and if one of them gets hacked the rest of them will not be affected at all.

Backup-WordPress Hosting for Agencies

besides we have continuous website audits that are being conducted automatically and for free number three is real-time backups so besides security you also want your website to be reliable and there’s no better way to do that then have a good backup solution at 10Web we provide a full differential backup and backup your website automatically and started on the AWS s3 storage and after that we also backup the changes that have been conducted after the last main backup so this will not affect your website’s performance in any way on a daily basis you may make different types of changes on your website based on your clients wishes for example you can add new media or make changes to the existing posts and our differential backup saves 1,000 backup points and also at 10Web you can automatically schedule some backups so you have a hands-free and manage approach to backing up your website the fourth essential component is elasticity the role of elasticity is to adapt to the changing needs of your website.

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So for example if your website has a sudden growth in traffic from 1000 per day to a hundred thousand then you will need your the resources that are given to your website to adjust as well and you do not want to do that manually and 10Web provides you with that chance so whenever you have a sudden growth in traffic all the resources that are given to your site will automatically adapt and you will not need to upgrade your plan manually as well you will be only charged by the end of the billing month and for each additional 10,000 visitors if you will be charged additional $2 and for each additional five gigabytes of SSD storage you will also be a charts additional $2 the next component is about the simplicity of dashboard as an agency who has to work with various clients and as a developer who has to handle the different projects at once you want to have a simple and intuitive dashboard from where you can manage all your projects at once and 10Web provides you with that chance as you can I don’t know update your core your themes your plugins and manage them all apart from just one place and simplicity is key for having a efficient and effective work next the sixth component is pricing which is very important when it comes to closing the deal with your client usually they want you to spend as low as possible on Hosting’s and to have as many features as possible and usually that is why agencies and developers go with shared hosting instead of managed WordPress Hosting because obviously my purpose host things do have all the features but they’re usually very costly so 10Web solves that problem for you as well and 10Web you will be able to have a managed wordpress hosting platform at the price of a shared hosting and 10Web for managed WordPress hosting you will need to pay only $10 per month per one website hosted at 10Web and you will need to pay six dollars per month in case of 10 or more websites hosted at 10Web the next component is the staging environment

Best WordPress Hosting for Agencies and Developers

staging environment is a place where you can test your codes make some changes to some update without affecting the live version of your website and for agencies of end developers this is a great chance to showcase their projects get them approved by their clients and then push them to life and you can do this by only 1 click Add to 10Web and it is included in all the plans for absolutely an ssl certificate is our eighth component which is a must-have element for all the website in order to create trust with their users and also to be able to rank for the search results of different search engines that’s why you need to choose a hosting provider that will provide you with a free SSL certificate for you not to pay extra money on that and 10Web offers you a free SSL certificate with let’s encrypt integration and it renews automatically component number nine is SEO if you want to help your clients websites to rank high on search results you want to help them with SEO and at 10Web provides you with SEO by 10Web service which gives you recommendations about how to optimize your website in order to have a better performance and has a chance to rank high on search results our features that are included in this service include things like canonical URLs creating XML sitemaps and redirects and etc we also provide you with the chance to create knowledge graphs which will help you for indexing and you will be able to have suggestions such as making your URLs shorter in order to help you better rank on Google search results things can always go wrong with hosting providers which is why you need a reliable support team that will help you solve all your problems smoothly which is why at 10Web we have a 24/7 live chat support that will handle arm all your questions and inquiries from right away 24/7 without keeping you waiting for any more than five minutes our eleventh component is white labeling and multi-site as an agency and multi project developer you want to increase the brand loyalty between yourself and your customers which is why we provide you with the chance to have white labeling of our services which allows you to resell all the services that we provide to your customers without letting them know that they’re using to 10Web this will increase your brand awareness will includes the bond between yourself and your clients and overall their brand association also what concerns to multi sites you will be able to manage all your websites from only one dashboard you will be to access all the websites from one place and manage the core the plug in the templates and all the users by using only one dashboard which will help you save a lot of time and resources in order to be more effective efficient and productive and all the jobs that you do for sure the most important factor for selecting the best WordPress web hosting is your clients needs and all these eleven components that I’ve already mentioned basically summarize all the needs that your clients may have and all of these eleven components are included in all of 10Web plans and we also offer a 14-day free trial which you can use to sign up for as to test these components for yourself we’re extremely interested to know which of these eleven components is the most important for you and which one do pay the most attention to when choosing WordPress web hosting company please let us know about your answer in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit thumbs up if you liked the

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