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The Best Web Hosting for Australia Websites

The Best Web Hosting for Australia Websites

Hey there Welcome, put a chair, join us and grab yourself a couple of coffee, because today, we’re gonna be talking about the best web hosting providers for Australia and what makes them so special Roll.

The intro. I love Australia and honestly who doesn’t They’ve got some. The best beaches in the world home to Hugh Jackman mighty quokka and they got great food too. They also used to be known as the home of terrible internet speeds.

I say “used to”, because in recent years more undersea cables were laid in the region, providing everyone in down under with faster, more dependable connections With better connectivity comes a renewed interest in online business And, along with that begs, the question which web hosting is best for Your business, Should you support local, or should you go global Let’s find out with our list of 7 best web hosting providers for Ozzies Number 1 SiteGround.

SiteGround-Best Web Hosting

Unsurprisingly, the covered number 1 spot goes to our favorite web hosting provider. Siteground thanks to their newly built data center. Right smack in the middle of Sydney, They’ve got speed, they’re reliable, their uptimes are fantastic and their support is killin’ it, but lip service can only do so much so let’s look at some actual data.

Our test site hosted on Siteground’s newest Ozzie server performed phenomenally well with a 196.8ms global average It’s, not the fastest in further locations like London and Germany, but locally, they produced speeds of only 3ms Hah.

That’S pretty nuts They’ve got a solid uptime guarantee, which pretty much ensures that your site stays up 99.99 % of the time they’re WordPress recommended, which is nice, And they also on the Google Cloud Platform, which means we get to reap all of those benefits at only 14Bucks a month, Their prices might be slightly above average, but we feel that it’s worth every single penny They’re the best value premium web host you’ll find down under Number 2 Hostinger Known worldwide for their premium services at low-low prices, Hostinger crashes, the party at number 2.


On this list, Without any data center presence in Australia, we had to make do with their closest server located all the way in Singapore. Surprisingly, their speed test results came back shockingly fast.

They scored a worldwide average of 175.8ms. It is a very respectable 191ms in Sydney which proves that they can easily serve Australian customers Truly an A+ ranked host At only 8.40 a month, you’ll receive a plenty of features: 20GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, 99.

9 % uptime guarantee all the goodies you’ll find In a premium web host, but at a fraction of the price Combine all those perks with an excellent support. Team and Hostinger is easily one of the best web hosting providers in Australia and also the world Number 3 HostPapa.

Hostpapa-best Web Hosting

We had a completely different provider planned for the third spot, but along came HostPapa and knocked them off the list with their customer-centric approach to web hosting. Our test site is hosted on their Business plan.

All the way in Los Angeles, because they don’t have any data center in australia. You’D think that, with such great distances, their response times would be pretty shit, but actually they are pretty okay, They’re an A+ ranked host with a staggering 130.

4ms global average, with response times of 206ms in Sydney That’s not the fastest for this region, but still pretty decent. However, their generous features more than make up for the lack of speed At only 5.

53 a month for the Business Plan. Hostpapa offers Unlimited SSD storage, emails websites, free ssl and domain. Basically, everything except the kitchen sink Thanks to their award-winning support named the Papasquad HostPapa makes for a great utilitarian provider, especially if you’re targeting a global audience Number 4 Kinsta Kinsta is a Managed WordPress Hosting service.

kinsta kinsta

That’S powered by Google Cloud just like SiteGround, With a ginormous number of 24 data centers and the next-gen setup Kinsta has the potential to load hosted sites faster that you can think Our test site is hosted on their US server and it produced a worldwide average of Only 117ms, the fastest provider we’ve tried so far Response times from Sydney came in pretty hot too at 172ms, which is also fast and fast enough for most purposes.

The thing about Kinsta is that they’re a WordPress Host, which means you can only host WordPress with them And although their speed and service are pretty phenomenal, you better get comfortable paying a solid 35 bucks a month just for their entry plan.

A2 Hosting

Having said that, if you’re happy with those prices, you can be sure that Kinsta won’t, let you down Number 5 A2 Hosting A2 Hosting – is another one of those providers that doesn’t have a data center in Australia, but they still made it on this list.

Why? You ask Well besides offering unlimited websites emails and the like A2 has solid features which increases site load, speed like PHP7 support Raid 10-SSDs and their exclusive A2 optimize wordpress.

So, even though the closest data center is all the way in Singapore, they still managed to outperform plenty of other web hosts. Looking at the data drawn from our test site A2 is an A+ ranked host with 173.

2 ms global average In Sydney they scored 141ms, which is not the fastest, but still fast enough for most purposes. Unlimited offerings speedy features and decent performance at only 12.60 a month, A2 is a great web host worth the Australian markets.


Number 6 BlueHost Bluehost makes it to number 6 on our list, thanks to a combo of unlimited offerings and sensible prices Known worldwide for their reliability and speed. Bluehost’S price of only 10.

43 a month with their Choice Plus plan is a steal considering the features that come with it. You get unlimited storage, bandwidth and domains pretty decent Speed-wise they’re, not bad with a global average of 153ms and in Sydney they got response time of 168ms They’re, not the best we’ve used.

Their support can be a little iffy, But they’ve got CDN built directly into the account very convenient. If you need a boost of speed, Best suited for blogs and online businesses, Bluehost is an above-average choice.

crucial-Best Web Hosting

Number 7 Crucial At 7th place is the only true, born and bred Australian hosting provider to make it on the list Crucial. We actually wanted to include more Australian Web hosts in list, but try as we might most of them were just disappointingly sub-par.

We tested a few local hosts, including Ventraip and NetRegistry, but they all performed poorly with averages of 250ms and above In another words local web hosting kinda Suck, But Crucial caught our attention with their performance They’re, not the fastest but they’re.

An A ranked host with a global average of 192ms Since they have data center right here in australia, speeds pinged from Sydney came in like just 1ms. *Mindblowing* They’ve got a good team, fronting their support lines and they offer 50gb storage unlimited bandwidth and sub-domains, with their Shared Hosting plan at only19.

08 a month. It is a little bit on the high side, if you ask me, but you’ll be supporting a local business And you’ll experience. Fantastic local site load speeds Final Thoughts, Even with all the kick-ass award-winning web hosting providers made available for us.

Our undisputed top-rated number 1 choice for Australian markets is still SiteGround, They’re, already famed for their consistent service levels and generous speed-enhancing features, but their newest data center built right here in Sydney seals the deal, ensuring speeds that satisfy all aspects of core web vitals.

If you prefer to do your own research and tests for the best provider in Australia, it’s perfectly fine Just make sure that the web hosting provider you’re looking at Has the features you want, Has a helpful support team, An uptime guarantee And fast response times locally AND Globally, So that’s a warp for today, If you found our content, helpful, consider, subscribing and smashing that, Like button to smithereens, See you later Alligator

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